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Who is Rupam

Rupams fashion sense started in the year of 1968 with Mr. J B Jain initiating exports of readymade garments to Japan. With constant absorption of technology and trends, the firm has grown into a successful customer friendly manufacturing setup. Sustaining the supportive and skilled workforce, Rupam has successfully satisfied its clients across the world. With an extensive knowledge in the art of making garments, we are now selling our products worldwide.


To contribute, more in crafting the garment trend of the international market. Transforming all garment manufacturing processes into eco friendly technology is a significant dream of Rupam.


Rupam works on a caliber oriented platform to fulfill its customers. Asserting quality and deadline is our essential thought, thought providing a stress free and healthy working environment.

How does Rupam work

Rupam, with its vast experience provides the best quality output with the usage of highly advanced machineries and skillful labors with an efficient supply chain management to look deep into every process of manufacturing right from weaving till final shipment is delivered to customer.

Weaving units have the capability to produce Checks, Stripes, Mercerized cotton, Cotton with elastin, Cotton polyester, Engineer stripes, Dobbies ,Poplins etc.
Dyeing units can imply Continuous dying and other major dyeing techniques always using Azo free colors & maintaining ecotex standards.
Printing units perform Phthalate free printing, Nickel free printing, PVC free printing, CMYK printing, using Azo free colors & maintaining ecotex standards
Embroidery units apply Appliqué embroidery, Sequence embroidery and all other types of embroidery processes.
All our Patterns are made using in house Computer Cad system with complete cutting programme given with the help of plotter.
Highly skilled employees and well fabricated machines get together and bring out precise elements for the garments.
Our very own modernized sewing systems with qualified and experienced employees with high professional machines are used for crafting the fabric.
8Quality Check
Advanced Air-operated machines with under thread Cutter are utilized for cutting and trimming the unwanted remaining of the sewing processes.
Veit vacuum-press ironing machines are used for removing the wrinkles with ease and iron them to provide a better appearance and perfect finishing.
The garment is checked completely before packing process. The garment is tagged and finally packed into a complete product
11Metal Detecting
Completely mechanized, Needle check metal detector machines are used for detecting the metal contamination from the garments.

Why choose Rupam

Commitment is a major force that has driven us a long distance in this field. Commitment is the backbone of Rupam.

Objective is our only focus. We work with this focus at every stage of the manufacturing process.
Timeline is a very essential and crucial part of our survival in this industry. We operate on timelines, meeting our quality standard within the provided deadline.
Tactful employees render a dedicated service for the customers and well experienced in providing the projected output at the stipulated instant.
Optimistic thinking leads Rupam effectively into its path and takes it into a new dimension in troubleshooting and executing the orders.
Nurturing technicians work relentlessly in bringing out the best out of our products with the finest of quality in benefiting the customers.
Yield is the primary focus of everyone at Rupam. Working with involvement and interest furnishes the product and it is exhibited in the final yield.

What are Rupam's Products

Rupam is a specialized concern in exporting woven garments to USA & various European countries. It has displayed its products in USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, France and Spain which has been possible because of its adaptability to latest trends and technologies and the usage of advanced machineries


Rupam offers a personable collection of garments for men. Our men's collection comes up with extended durability and appealing looks. Our men's section provides comfort casuals, perfect professionals and fashion fancies.

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